Awesome Characters and Places

  • Castle "Olive"

    A Coiréil, the real name of the castle creature that protects Dinny’s Giving Tree (Bunithmór: The giving trees, come from the term atá bunaithe mór, Great Based Trees.). The visitors call her Castle Olive because she can evolve.

  • Diabhal

    Venomous daemon creatures sent to hunt the twins. A creation of Ferrechaun (female Leprechaun) Banrúin of Fulaingtn the evil queen.

  • Sybhaul amazing female fighter


    kick butt daughter of the mayor of the town of Chélsa. Little town 100 miles or so from Tidim at the foot of the Spéir mountains. She's riding a creature called a swampwalker.

  • Rion - so elf like


    Rionach of Darini: Known as Rion, Josie's and Seamus’s sister in the verse. She too lost her father and mother in the last war of the Fulaingt. Loves to make magical tea.

  • Dragonsail transportation


    A very large dragonfly like creature that carries passengers in a pilothouse attached to its back.

  • Fighting Platform

    Fighting Platform

    Banrúin’s battle platforms used to wage war on the cities of Lárdam.

amazon reviews for Gollup the Woods Book review from goodreads
For this fantasy junkie, an incredibly original action packed thrill ride. Really great!
John Doe
Wexford Ireland
My daughter and I stayed up half the night in a duel to finish Gollup the Woods First. My daughter won
Jane Doe
Portland, Oregon
This is why I love to read: the strong female characters, a family that looks out for each other, friends that care, a powerful enemy and almost movie like story telling. Kevin Leigh is awesome, can't wait for book two.
Jimmy Doe
Alden, NY

How it all began, the story behind Gollup

Maps and Sketches

Lárdam is a complex planet, so we thought a map would be helpful.

Also included here are some desktop wallpapers fresh from the world of Gollup the Woods and created by Alex Pushkarev, St Petersburg Russia.

  • Castle "Olive" Sketch.
  • Dragonsail Transportation System Sketch
  • Attack at the Tairseach Sketch

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About the Author

Kevin B. Leigh was raised in Walkinstown, a town on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. Today, Kevin lives in Alden, in Western NY with his wife Mary and his three boys.

Kevin and his wife Mary focus their volunteer time with issues regarding children and were an emergency foster family before they had kids of their own. They support organizations like Kids Escaping Drugs ( and Child and Family Services ( in the Buffalo Area.

Kevin is well known in the Geocaching community where he spends much of his off time in the woods with his boys hunting for and hiding treasures.

His first book, "Gollup the.... More

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